african culture past and present 

Sep. 5, 2023

african culture they are different from any other culture for example  Ithey have different clothes then other people.  Another thing  is that they do things like candomble and no other place or race does that excet brazilians, which is based on Africans. Another thing is that the food that they eat back then is kind of the same they do in the present . For example they eat dende oil which came from africa (Hafiz).   Brazilian culture it is kind of related to the african culture still to this day.

slavery in brazil


There was a lot of of countries that had slavery but I am picking Brazil. Brazil they had slavery in there country also Brazil it is close to Asia. In Brazil race it played a big factor in that country because there is a lot of white people living there and they would trade for all type of things but they would have african slaves so the slaves could pick up cotton or make them cut trees for the sugar cane. Race is a big factor the reason is because the people in brazil the don't want to treat there men like that so they rather do that to a different race. Another thing is that the Africans would have to do all the dirty work because they didn't want to do it is so they would tell the afrians to do the work. So the africans would have to obey the people or the masters in Brazil and get goods and stuff.

resistance to slavery

The way african people would resistance slavery like they would do culture stuff. For example, they believe in Jesus they would do religion stuff to get the masters mad because they are not doing what the master say. Another thing is that they would disobey there masters like if they tell you to cut a sugar cane and you tell them no it is out of they are going to beat you or they going to kill you. In addition, to that is the masters they are more likely to just beat you if you disobey them but if you keep doing that they are going to trade you or they going to kill you. Another way africans they would disobey the master they would fake a injury so they do not have to work that day or they would pretend they was sick so they do not have to work that is how africans would resistance slavery. 

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